Muster by json4s

Fast serialization for classes in scala

String Codec

Muster allows for printing case classes with their field labels. You can get muster-codec-string from maven central. Check the releases page for the latest version.

libraryDependencies += "org.json4s" %% "muster-codec-json" % "latest" // Comes as a transitive dependency
libraryDependencies += "org.json4s" %% "muster-codec-string" % "latest"

In the examples we'll use this case class

case class Person(id: Long, name: String, age: Int)
val person = Person(1, "Luke", 38)

Printing a string

To extract an object from a json ast you make use of the Json4sCodec.

import muster._
import muster.codec.string._


There is a bit of syntactic sugar that you can add.

import muster._
import muster.codec.string._
import muster.codec.string.api._


Both of these examples produce

Person(id: 1, name: "Luke", age: 38)